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Event Cashiers Ltd was formed in 2009 to assist in the cash management for festivals and other events.
We also stock a range of cash registers for hire at events and functions, and can provide fully-trained staff to operate and/or provide technical support, along with detailed financial reporting and reconciliation.
We started the company to aid in the management of cash on site. Due to the challenge of managing something as important as cash, without the normal resources of an office; or the safe environment of a building and nearby banks, we identified a demand for our services.
In working alongside different till hire companies, we found they weren't equipped for the festival environment, such as long hours and the unpredictable nature of events. So we saw the need for a company who could offer this, with staff who are adaptable and used to working in this field... or any field...

What We Offer

  • Till Hire - with or without tech support
  • Safe Hire
  • Cashiers
  • Cash Runners
  • Box Office Management
  • Staff/Artists Payment
  • Petty Cash Management

We are located at:

Event Cashiers Ltd

58 Dace Road

23 Iron Works


E3 2NX

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